Sunday, 31 August 2014

Old airport road hawker center

Hello guys

I'm back to update more about foodies! So i will be blogging about some awesomely good foods(to me they tasted awesomely good but maybe to some of you people,it wont be) that i have tasted today at old airport road hawker center!without further a do let's start! :)

Albert street prawn noodle 
51 Old Airport Road
#01-10 Old Airport Road Food Centre

Opening Hours: 

Daily 0830hrs – 2330hrs

This afternoon i went to old airport road for lunch with my family and i was so spoiled with the choices of foods they have in the hawker..So ended up i went to queue for albert street prawn noodle..the waiting time wasn't that bad,roughly round 5-10mins 
I ordered their Big prawn noodles and prawn noodles with clams, What surprised me was their's only 5bucks per bowl even though i ordered it with clams
Left : Big prawn noodles($5)  Right : prawn noodles with clams($5)

Well when i was waiting for the prawn noodles, i asked myself  "so what makes this prawn noodle worth all the awards?" i was so clueless till i get to taste that soup was the main reason and their prawn was really fresh because the prawn meats doesn't stick on the shell,i can use my chopstick and take the meats off the shell easily.. The next time i go,i will order a big bowl with lots of chili powder! This prawn noodles is really worth queuing!

Lao Fu Zi Fried Kwey Teow
51 Old Airport Road
#01-12 Old airport road food centre

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 1000hrs-24:00hrs
Sat-Sun: 0900hrs-2400hrs

Fried kway teow(ranging from $5-$10) 
This stall fried kwey teow taste awesomely good, My brother ordered $8 kway teow..let me clarify this that $8 bucks fried kwey teow don't look like that, I only remember to snap a photo after we was having it halfway,it's smell too good till we only remember to pick up our chopsticks and started eating hehe *guilty smile* Seriously who can resist right when u have a plate of fried kway teow in front of you! Back to the topic, the kway teow wasn't that oily like we use to have outside.. trust me you won't feel like puking after eating the whole plate of kway teow up, their clams and prawns are really fresh! So if you ever passby old airport road do give this a try!

Xin Dong Fang
51 Old Airport Road
#01-112 Old Airport Rd Hawker Centre

While my brother and i were enjoying our Fried kwey teow, Mom brought back a plate of ngoh hiang which have this really special fried intestines in it!I bet not many of you have ngoh hiang which have fried intestines right! It's a new kind of things that i have tried in my 20 years of life..the plum sweet sauces just made the whole plate of ngoh hiang taste perfectly good! This plate of ngoh hiang will be a must eat food for me now when i go back to old airport road for lunch again!

Xin Mei Xiang
51 Old Airport Road
#01-116 Old Airport Road Food Centre

Operating Hours
Daily : 0700hrs-1300hrs
(sometimes till sold out) 
Closed on Monday

Dad bought this lok mee back and it tasted really good and one thing about this lok mee was that the owner add in shredded fish..they have the best gravy but somehow to me the gravy tasted like shark fins soup! :/ something is wrong with my taste bud >.< 
(this wasn't the photo i took,i took this photo from google because my actual photo turned out to be blur, but be sure that this is how the stall lok mee looks like) If you don't know what to eat when u are in the hawker,don't mind trying out this lok mee! :D

Toa Payoh Rojak
51 Old Airport Road
#01-108 Old Airport Road Food Centre

Operating Hours
Daily: 1200hrs - 2000hrs

Bought a plate of rojak and shared with my family, the rojak was really good! trust me you will love the crunchiness of the you tiao,tau pok (fried beancurd) and all the mixed fruits!Their you tiao wasn't that kind we used to eat outside..the you tiao in this rojak was crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside,same goes for the tau pok(fried beancurd). If you are a rojak lover,you will definitely love this! 

Seremban kee mei siew pow
51 Old Airport Road
#01-134 Old Airport Road food centre

Operating Hour: 
Daily : 0800hrs - 2000hrs

it's $1.20 per piece

In case you didn't know where this brand was from,it's a famous malaysia's brand that sells crispy golden crust with sticky sweet BBQ pork filling inside!well if you are a cha siew pastry lover,you will definitely love this! so just give if a try if you want! :) 

Well that's about it, anyway what i usually love to drink when i go hawker centre for lunch, is a cup of ice sugarcane with lemon! it's a must to put a lemon in it,if not i refuse to drink the sugarcane! >.< Isn't it a good drink after eating all those oily fried foods :)

will try to update this blog as often as i can :D
Goodnight people!
god bless you!

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